Just relax

Whirlpool or mountain view? Enjoy both at the same time!

Our whirlpool is the perfect complement to our spa oasis and has become one of the absolute favourite places in our hotel. Here are some reasons for its popularity:

It is outstanding setting, surrounded by lush nature, with spectacular views of the mountains around Merano, creating a feeling of tranquillity and freedom. It may also be because after a hike or a visit to our gym, taking a dip in sparkling water at a temperature of 35 degrees is particularly beneficial.

Whirpool with panoramic view

Or perhaps it is because one can really relax here in total tranquillity. Ultimately, this spot appeals to each guest for their own personal reasons. The best way to find out what appeals to you most is to try it out for yourself!

Events in Merano:

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“The nature alone is inexhaustible, and capable of forming the greatest masters.”
J. W. v. Goethe
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