This is where your holiday begins

“The way is entered, follow to the end.” Looking forward to the trip is part of any holiday!

Was also Johann Wolfgang von Goethe filled with anticipation for his next journey when he wrote this famous phrase? He certainly adored travelling, at a time when it was not yet commonplace to “peruse far-off horizons”. Of course, it is a good thing that nowadays anyone can travel where they want, but we would still like your holiday to be always something really special – possibly even in the planning stage. Browse through the following pages and be inspired by the charm of yesteryear, make plans and dream – in short: start enjoying your holiday right now.

Hotel Sonnenhof in Meran

At Hotel Sonnenhof in Merano you will find peace and relaxation, together with the unique panorama of one of the most beautiful spa cities in Europe. Pamper yourself in this elegant, luxurious setting which was apparently described also by Goethe as: ”A splendour and harmony unknown to those in the north.”

The wonderful gardens at the Hotel
Hotel Sonnenhof with gardens
Events in Merano:

The best events at a glance.

“Beauty is found in the perfection of the whole.”
J. W. v. Goethe
Photo Tour

Bright prospects: Hotel Sonnenhof has re-opened!

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